a day late and a foot short?

Or maybe: a foot late and a day short.

I think a common - habit? trait? - of elderly people is equanimity. It can be both a good and a bad thing. Right now I can wait with equanimity for my battery to re-charge (But It does this too often.)

That’s when I broke off. I think the battery is tired. I mean, it’s recharged but the charge doesn’t seem to last very long.

Where was I?

I just wrote a Thanksgiving note. it’s not the 22nd now or even the 23rd. It’s the 24th, Grey Cup Weekend in Canada.

I got engaged to Bill Wylie on November 25, 1950, a Saturday, Grey Cup Day. Bill used to say there were two disasters that day: The Winnipeg Blue Bombers lost to Toronto and he got engaged to be married. (I liked his sense of humour.)

Sixty-eight years ago!! Hard to believe. Harder to believe that I’m still here.