where did seventeen go?

Now it’s the eighteenth. I owe you/me a lot. Might just get something done. Blogs provide an inexorable measure of time.

The American poet Edna St.Vincent Millay, said, Life “was not so much "one damn thing after another" as "the same damn thing over and over" (from an October 1930 letter to Arthur Davison Ficke) [I don’t know who he is, either.]

Yes, well, that’s how I feel right now. I keep messing up with computer business. My neighbour came to help me and there I was again, caught up in an endless loop (the same damn thing over and over.) I think it’s clear now. All I was trying to do was activate a Presto card (TTC).

Next, I tried to send a book to relatives in England, I chose three books, two for me. then I singled out the one I wanted to send to Tim and Beth, making it very clear, I thought, that this was going to a separate address from the billing address. Instead my two books have been sent to Tim and Beth.and the other one has disappeared. I ordered cancel immediately but they were too fast. So I wrote the e-mail acknowledgement I received and said STOP. Too late. so I wrote Tim and Beth to warn them and then I wrote the bookseller again and asked what to do, and my contact was vague: either refuse or return. If the books return they will refund, otherwise, they’re in limbo somewhere.

I can’t stand it. I’m not going to shop online any more.