what day is it?

We'll see what Blog says it is..Goodie, we're in sync.

Well, I wrote something that has disappeared. That's okay, too.  I'll think of something else. i'm very good at tap-dancing.  What I really wasn't to write about - WHO I really went to write about, is Mary Beard. Have to do a bit of reading first. Anon, anon. 

She's British and a Classical scholar, writes books about the ancient world (Rome, Greece, Pompei), and a regular column (blog) for the Times Literary Supplement. She began to write the  blog (A Don's Life) a few years ago. and it's very popular.  She is salty feisty, outspoken and feminist (delightful) and she gets a lot of Twitter abuse,often quite vicious, mostly from men. Her most recently published book (late 2017) is a short (115 pages) illustrated (cartoons, sculpture, paintings) Manifesto: Women and Power.  With her deep knowledge and training Beard  is able to trace the roots of misogyny back to ancient times.  When you read it you will probably do a lot of head-shaking and nodding, as I have done. 

The Me Too and Time's Up moves seem to be having an effect but there's bound to be some kind of backlash.  I don't know how far back we can go in trying to right the wrongs and erase history, as some are trying to do with public monuments and statues, o say nothing of schools and streets and pubs and theatres etc. Hard to erase Woody Allen.  

I'm still thinking....