time just keeps flowing

I'll see what day Blog thinks this is. I'm just checking in to see, and also to keep a promise, to fill in some missing information on yesterday's report.  It's too late for me now - whatever time it is for you or for me.  

Anon, anon. Tune in later, and check my facts yesterday, soon, but not now.....

Hey, it's today and here I am.  I checked in last night so the date would be right.

Today I am having a couple of friends for a birthday lunch. Frittata. I like it better than quiche because there's no pastry shell. Have I given this no-recipe recipe in a past blog?  Probably. Let me know if you want it. The cooking is no problem but tidying up my papers is.  I've spread out drafts and notes for Zam all over the living room and writing space, long since spilled out of the office, which has other works-in-progress that I have to deal with.  You'd think I was going to live forever.

Which is beginning to feel like it.  Last night I looked for an address of a friend I haven't heard from in a while. She's closer to the end of the alphabet and I never got there this year in my Xmas greetings, whelmed as I was by depression and overload.  I found her - no address but an obituary. She died a few years ago, and I never knew.  No one told me.  I aways seem to be on the periphery of other peoples' lives and deaths.  I guess it spares me from attending funerals. 

I didn't sleep well.  I kept looking for her, and others.  You know that kid in the movie (won't name it for fear of spoiling), who sees dead people?  Well, I dream of dead people. I have a line in a play of mine, spoken by an old woman (the only character in the play):

"It's getting so I know more people in the cemetery  than I do on the street."  (Haven't seen you in a dog's age and as dogs age, you have.)

What, if anything, next?