happy january first

I have lots of blogs lined up but my brain has congealed.  I'm on the north side of the west wing of my building and it has had a boiler problem for the last five days.  The heat is minimal - about 15 degrees Celsius.  I made bone broth soup and muffins for the young weekend concierge who lent me a heater. Sitting close in front of it, better, heat up to 67 Fahrenheit - I can't translate). Cooking warmed up the kitchen for a  bit.  But he is allergic to nuts so I'll have to cook something else. 

I was brought up being taught that it was good luck to finish your Xmas thank you letters before the new year - by hand.  Mailed.  Did not make it this year.  Hands too cold. Feet too.  And brain. Just shows I am not very disciplined.  I still swim every morning because the water in the pool is warmer than my apartment.  

I keep thinking of the refugees with no heat whatsoever, or food or water or safety or shelter.  I have no business complaining about cold feet.  

Hygge anyone?