been there done that


No matter what my blog says it's the middle of January and your new year's list of resolutions is getting frayed - or not.  Some resolves have dwindled and shrunk; others have been ignored; still others sadly, have been tried and found wanting - wanting you to pay attention. One way and another, you find yourself listless, a common malady in January. Well, have I got a list for you.

It's a Reverse Bucket List.  I read about it in one of the papers( online)  last week. 

Everyone knows what a Bucket List is: a  list of accomplishments - more likely - a list of places you want to see, a tourist's itinerary. I've been working away at mine for several years now, ticking off places as I get to them, and it's not bad, complicated by the fact that there are some places I'd like to get back to, to see again or to savour longer. The idea of the reverse Bucket List is that you make a fresh list - of the places you're already visited. You can do another list with achievements or awards, too.  Sure it's a Brag List, but no one is going to see it but you and it can be comforting sometimes when you're feeling low and lazy to see how much you have done. It will give you a shot of confidence to arm you for your next assault. And if you are beginning to feel, as I do,  that you haven't much time left and certainly not as much energy as  you used to have, then  the reverse list will show you how much you DONT have to do.

Been there, done that.