here today gone tomorrow

And then home again.

 If you're having a little trouble keeping track of me, so am I. A play I've been working on for a long time, off and on, is due to have a table read (that is a reading spoken aloud by actors sitting at a table with the script).  Tomorrow.  Afternoon.  In New York. I will be there - not to read but to listen.

I'll be back tomorrow night.  Then I will think and maybe write a little more, or less.  Later, in  November, the play will receive a staged reading after 20  hours of rehearsal.  I will be there again, for the rehearsal process and the reading.  Then I will think some more. So will the artistic directors (co-directors). and then I/we will find out if my play gets a full production.  I hope so.

That's why you won't hear from me today or tomorrow.

Anon, anon.