this isn't happening

Long ago now, when I was struggling to make it as a freelance writer, I used to put a lot of irons into the fire, hoping for one of them to get hot, but prepared for lukewarm returns. It did cross my mind once in a while, what if all of them got hot at once?  Nah. It wouldn't happen. And it didn't.

Suddenly, now I seem to be busier than I have been.  I was preparing to return to the screenplay I was working on when I decided to take the course that I hoped would improve my skills.  Then, the screenplay I wrote during the course started to ferment. As a post-course assignment  I had to submit the script for critiquing, one reader at a time, allowing time for me to think and correct and rewrite before passing it on for the next critique working my way up to ever more knowledgeable readers. My second such critique has come through with major major considerations - lots of thinking, and rewriting.  Okay. Then,  a week or so ago, I received word that my longtime favourite best, never-produced play is slated to get a table read followed by a staged (20 hours rehearsal) reading with an eye to a full production. The table read will take place at the end of this week - in New York.   All of a sudden I have a LOT to think about, and do.

 Not that any of these activities augur success but they are keeping me busy (and hopeful). And they leave me with a question about my blog(s). I mean my blogs to be casual ruminations, random thoughts, light-hearted explorations, vocabulary discoveries, magpie pickings, with the odd book or theatre review, very personal - and I owe you/me one about Romeo and Juliet. But i don't seem to have much space in my brain right now for random thoughts.

Except to say i checked out ruminations.  "casual ruminations" is an oxymoron, because ruminations are not casual. Rumination comes from  'ruminate verb [ no obj. ]  1 think deeply about something: we sat ruminating on the nature of existence.  2 (of a ruminant) chew the cud. goats ruminated nonchalantly around them."   I guess I had the goat in mind and not the deep thinker. Nevertheless, a blog should be about the nature of existence.  And I don't have time for it this week. Ai me.