happy september first

Does it feel like September yet?  Yep.  I swam outside only once this week.  I don't like swimming in the dark and it's still dark outside now at 6  a.m.  I also don't like to get cold because then it takes me all day to warm up, even with a spa after the swim.  I'm still hoping for a few more outdoor swimming days.  

You already know that I consider September to be the beginning of a new year.  With that in mind, you will understand why I have begun (another) Whole30 again, and another assault on my late day exercise routine: stationary bicycle plus some stretches and things. I have a new Theraband and will have to look up some good moves with it.  So far so good. Yeah, sure, all very well to say on Day One. How about the next 29 days?

We'll see.