I have only about 200 pages left in Black Eagle Grey Falcon (Rebecca West), and I am still loving it, and I am still gathering up more words to look up - coming soon. And I am coming to the end of my screenwriting course, not sure how much longer it will be, another week maybe?  Ongoing homework and angst.  But I am beginning to catch up with the backlog of books I keep acquiring  and reading - eventually.

I just finished Strange Shores (2010 Reykjavik and then 2013, 2014) by Arnaldur Indriðason (tr. Victoria Cribb).  I've read a number of books by this writer, considered by many to be the king of Icelandic crime fiction. His approach is painstaking like that of his protagonist, Detective Erlendur.  It seems slow and unexciting but he builds his cases with patience and details until the suspense is killing even when you guess what is going to happen next, but only just. You've been manipulated to that point, and then you have to move along patiently until the discovery and the conclusion - just as you thought.  This time there is a larger, more final conclusion and a deeply emotional closure. i think it is one of Indriðason's best.

Next up are two historical thrillers by Jane Thynne (1961), given to me by my partner, Carolyn Gossage, for me to pick up ambience from the WWII era to enrich my take on the screenplay I am writing based on her wonderful non-fiction book, The Accidental Captives.  I'm a bee buzzing from flower to flower, no time to stop. But I have to finish my current course screenplay.  

And I have to watch the Blue Jays game.