guys and dolls

How many times have I seen Guys and Dolls? (1950)  Lost count, but twice this year. I saw the English revival that started in Chichester and transferred to the West End where I saw it in January. And now this production in June in Stratford - absolutely incredibly fabulous.  I was not  alone in my enthusiasm.  It kept growing in the audience to the point that the cast had to stop the applause after a number so that they could get on with the show. 

Such layers and years of pleasure it has brought me.  It was one of the first records (remember 33 1/3 rpm?)  we bought after we were married (1952).  I think I still have it.  I used to listen to musicals while I ironed - this was so long ago it was before Perma:Press - so I learned all the words. I still know them.  One of my favourite songs was Sky Masterson"s "My Time of Day", omitted from the movie(1955) because Marlon Brando couldn't sing. i read that his other numbers were pieced together with bits and pieces he sang into a tape recorder.  Time of Day has too intricate a score for a non-singer to master. Incidentally, does anyone else remember that the original Sky was performed by Robert Alda (1914-1986), father of Alan?

I am a mine of useless, miscellaneous information. Fun, though.