blogs galore

I finished my assignment today about four minutes before the new assignment came sailing in. But I have to sit on it like an egg and it will hatch in the morning. So I puttered around the internet.  I really  hate those prurient comments and come-ons that lead you into a thicket of ads. Better to follow your own quirks and fancies. Well!!

I found an item about blogs, the fifty most popular blogs on the planet, for the moment. And oh my, so popular!  The mind boggles.  Tens of thousands of followers, astronomical hits per day, so demanding that one poor little blogger (I didn't read the details about all of them) employed 10 to 14 people to keep her audience supplied - with information, titillation, recreation, whatever.  I am so grateful to my loyal group of three.

It made me feel, of course, very humble, but also quite light-hearted, -footed, and -headed.  I guess I won't worry if I miss a day or two, being busy with other things, because I am assured that blogging will survive, will assuredly go on without me. 

Anon, anon.