sometimes i'm happy

Sometimes I'm blue. My disposition depends on the next assignment I receive from the screenwriting course I'm taking.  Like the person in that old song I referred to,  I have become bipolar: up or down depending on good news or bad news, that is, good challenges or discouraging ones from the course.  I'm in limbo right now because I haven't had a new assignment in a couple of days.  Limbo is not good.  I'm left to procrastinate about all kinds of other tasks lying in wait for me but that I can't focus on right now. And so I dither. Lovely word, by the way:

dither |ˈdɪðə |

verb [ no obj. ]1 be indecisive: I can't bear people who dither | he was dithering about the election date.2 [ with obj. ] add white noise to (a digital recording) to reduce distortion of low-amplitude signals.• display or print (a colour image) in such a way that it appears to contain more colours than are really available: (as adj. dithered) : dithered bitmaps

.noun1 [ mass noun ] informal indecisive behaviour: after months of dither ministers had still not agreed.2 [ in sing. ] a state of agitation: all of a dither, he prophesied instant chaos.

DERIVATIVES ditherer noun,dithery adjective

ORIGIN mid 17th cent. (in the dialect sense ‘tremble, quiver’): variant of dialect didder; related to


"Sometimes I'm Happy (Sometimes I'm Blue)" is a popular song. The music was written by Vincent Youmans, the lyrics by Irving Caesar. The song was published in 1927 and introduced in the Broadway musical Hit the Deck,starring Stanley Holloway, and opened in April 1927.  (Wikipedia)