wet meditation

I've said it before: wet meditation. That's what I call my half hour swim every morning. I plan my day, my work, my meals, my leftovers; I play games. I make words out of the signs on the pool walls: NO DIVING, SHALLOW WATER, DEEP AREA - the one I love best from the latter is PARADE. I've told you that before. I don't do it much now as I have too many other things churning around.  

Of course, I think about what I'm writing, most recently to do with my assignments from the screenwriting course I am taking.  I tell you all this because I had a breakthrough this morning. When I have a new idea it seems so obvious I wonder how I missed it.  At the same time it stuns me. For a fleeting second I think I am brilliant.  That thought doesn't last long.  Once I have an idea I have to work it out, usually jarring everything else I have built up. 

Which is what I have to do now.