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An addendum to yesterday:

gusla - not in the online dictionary. I think it is a musical instrument, a Slavic or Balkan one, maybeTurkish. I'm still reading Rebecca West at the breakfast table.

hieratic |ˌhʌɪəˈratɪk|adjectiveof or concerning priests: he raised both his arms in a hieratic gesture.• of or in the ancient Egyptian writing of abridged hieroglyphics used by priests. Compare with demotic.• of or concerning Egyptian or Greek styles of art adhering to early methods as laid down by religious tradition.  ORIGIN mid 17th cent. (earlier as hieratical): via Latin from Greek hieratikos, from hierasthai ‘be a priest’, from hiereus ‘priest’, hieros ‘sacred’.

My next blog is "the movie in my mind"  but I'm not sure if I'll get to it today.

Anon, anon