don't hold your breath

I’ve been reading job opportunities lately, mainly play contests because that’s what I love best is theatre (film too). The bad news is that I don’t qualify  even before I have written something, and then not because I don’t fit the description.  I have to put a big X across the submission information because I am not LGBT, I am not black or aboriginal, I am not under 30 years of age, and I am not emerging.  I have already emerged, having had several plays, 30 produced, about 20 of them published, but produced, not as workshops, staged or directing readings, nor as amateur performances.  And no one wants to present a play that has already been produced once.  Theatres get grants for producing new plays; second productions are second hand, old hat.

So you see, I am not emerging, I am submerging. But I’m treading water.  I’m still writing.

What would I do if I didn’t keep writing?  I never did learn to play bridge. And I can swim.