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Good news and bad news.  The bad first: the last assignment (last until tomorrow, that is) is a doozy and I need more time to think and prepare it, so I’ll wait until tomorrow now when I’ll be bright and fresh, more so because of Daylight Savings Time. I always wake early, anyway.  The good news is that I have time to write my blog.  That is, if I can think of anything to write about.


I can. My random thoughts are myriad and constant, beginning in the swimming pool – no- before that.  I guess any writer wakes with words before she rises.  I’m framing sentences before my eyes are open.  Yes, but it takes time and effort to commit them to paper - -sorry – to the computer screen.


SOW, here’s a random thought, question, actually.  I’ve mentioned before my resentment at Auto-Chek putting words in my mouth, that is, on my screen.  I think the fault is mine. I started university when I was 15 years old. The summer before my career began, my father sent me to Business College to learn how to touch-type. I didn’t want to go.  In those days, one didn’t have a choice. I went, and sat in a hot classroom (no AC in those days), with a recalcitrant typewriter forcing me to be patient.  I must have typed the Gettysburg address 23 times – no errors allowed.  Do you see?  I type too quickly for my computer to keep up so it skips letters and makes assumptions - presumptions - about what I’m trying to write. 


How many fingers do you type with?


That was just a small thought, but it made me feel better expressing it.


I’ll try another one tomorrow.