thinking hard

So I got restored to my SquareSpace but I had another restoration at the same time. I don’t expect you to remember but I am in the midst of an intensive, online Screenwriting course with heavy-duty homework. I guess almost two weeks ago the course was hacked and I stopped getting my assignments.  It must have taken the office some time to get straightened out and catch up. And now me.   At the end of last week, the same day my SquareSpace was restored to me:  I received four separate assignments.  I’ve been working to catch up, not only the writing but also the thinking and development, one assignment at a time. 

I’m afraid my blog has suffered.  I have been thinking and writing, not quite over-time but with some time-pressure involved.  And I seem to get very tired, with not much energy for any other writing.  I finished another assignment today – I think it was the third, but I have them confused now and I may have answered two together.  I’ll think about it tomorrow.

Tonight was yours.  Not great for you, I guess, but it has eased my mind.