g is for galore

galore,  adjective,  in abundance: there were prizes galore for everything.  ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Irish go leor, literally ‘to sufficiency’.

Yes, well, I've had an abundance. I just caught up with and filled in the blanks on the last three blogs. I know I had something in mind for galore but it escapes me now.

Tomorrow, maybe.

I was going to talk about the plethora of books, but not only books, of things, gifts, stuff available now and the difficulty of making choices and the depression one sinks into if one can't see/do everything and on the other side that one is not the creator of such abundance.  I've been reading not only the newest reviews but also the lists of the "best" for 2017 - oy.   Impossible.

But G stands for something else and that I can do something about.

G is for generic.  Every year I write a generic Christmas letter. Everyone does, that is, those who still write Christmas cards.  It's the annual family report, keeping up with the Joneses.  Now, more and more for people my age, it's checking in;


And so,off line at the moment (it's still not written yet), but coming soon to a snail  mail box or an e-account near you, is my generic for 2017. 

Time flies. T is for time.