c is for christmas

It starts here....a long time ago, actually.  I've been writing this blog in my head all day, starting with my morning swim. I remembered my son Matthew, who was taking speech therapy, among other things. We were getting close to Christmas and the teacher was asking Matt what Christmas was about - someone's birthday? Yes, it's Jesus's birthday.  Jesus who? his teacher asked. That was a tough one. He had to think.  Jesus....SUPERSTAR!   He shouted triumphantly.

I read just yesterday that some priest (no name; I just read the headline) is petitioning to have people stop bandying about the word  (and meaning) of Christmas. I read that there are seven (? ) different festivals being celebrated at this time of year, including Christmas. I couldn't find the list but I can think of Hannukah, Ramedan and Kwanzaa. That makes four. I'll look around. Another thing I read a while ago: that thine percent of Jewish homes have Christmas trees. Oh, and I also read that there have been complaints about calling it a Christmas tree that it should be called a Holiday tree, and I read that if that becomes common, then the tree people in Nova Scotia are going to stop supplying the big tree for Rockefeller Centre. Yes, well, lots to think about.

C is also for compliments of the season.