farewell blue jays - until next season :-(

What am I going to do in the evening now?  For months I have been cheering, sighing and blogging, not necessarily in that order.  I can multi-task while watching a baseball game because baseball is like what they say Wagner is like: long, flat hours and exciting, glorious half hours. I've completely lost track of any TV shows, especially  newer ones. Anyway I don't like violence so there's not a lot to choose from, if you don't count WNED.  Even then, I'm not crazy about Lawrence Welk and only mildly interested in Antiques Road Show.  I like the BBC series, like Poldark; Grantchester (next one not for a long time, if ever, because James Norton has gone on to a film career in Hollywood); Bring Up the Bodies;  on and on.... But I pay full attention to these shows so I can't blog during them.  

More to come: