what did you have for dinner tonight?

I’m going away next week so I’m trying to use things up rather than let them spoil in the fridge while I’m gone.  I’m also trying to diet, like most of the free, fat world in January. I’m using The FAST Diet book to help me along , because you only have to deprive yourself for two, disparate,  days a week.  The other five are yours, but less than you’d think.  Abstinence is contagious.  The Fast book has a few neat recipes that are low in calories and instrumental in curbing appetite.

However, like most diet menus or recipes, it is both unfeeling and inconsiderate.  I have never found a diet menu programmed for leftovers.  If you ever needed to know what to do with leftovers, D(iet)-Days are the time.  I’ve seen amounts called for of an ingredient that I never saw again like: 1- ONE- 1 tablespoon of tomato paste!  What are to supposed to do with the rest of it?  Right now I am coping with an overage of vermicelli .  I foolishly activated a whole package of the dried stuff and now I am trying to figure out how to use the rest of it, in an abstemious way, of course.  See, that’s the trouble. You can’t just toss an unused portion of something into something else because it wrecks the calorie count.  Unfair!  But, as you already know, I am dedicated to using up leftovers. I can’t simply discard an unused portion of anything – can - not.

So this week, in addition to doing too much in other areas of my life, I am coping with odd leftovers in a dietary way.  If I had any spare time, which I don’t, I should write down some of the ingenious recipes I have concocted. Necessity, as you know is the mother of you-know-what.  The hardest part would be to name the dishes thus arrived at.  I don’t think so. 

Vermicelli Venture?

I’ll never see it again.