We all suffer from auto-chek . I hate it when anyone puts words in my mouth. They are unhygienic and often incorrect. I can choose my own words, thank you.  But when a computer presumes to tell me what I’m trying to say, I can’t stand it.  It makes such weird choices.  Maybe once out of every twenty-five words it gets one right, picking up from a close spelling, a mere typo. Anyone can do that.   But then it takes a perfectly good word that I’m sure I typed and changes it completely.   Maddening.

I think, however, that I have discovered a common error in punctation that is becoming more and more prevalent, caused by an overweening, presumptuous, know-it-all computer.  It’s endemic.  It’s it’s.   We all know that it’s is an abbreviation of it is, don’t we?  And that its is the possessive, without an apostrophe.  But more and more people (or computers) are presuming to spell its it’s.  Awful.

There, I feel better. Slightly. 

I’m busy.  More anon.