I’m not through with Marie Kondo and discarding/tidying yet but I must report a techie advance.  I took my Icelandic class on SKYPE tonight.  I’m about as slow with Icelandic as I am with Skype but I dreaded slogging out to my class by subway and bus in the winter -  freezing rain tonight - so I made an effort.

I’ll get better, or so I promised myself.  I am still catching up with my assignments for the Screenwriting course I am taking. And of course, it was laundry day today. I still can’t get over Monday/laundry day.  It’s not that deeply embedded. I never met a washing machine before I was married. We never owned one. That’s another story  which I may have told somewhere.  But, in fact, I wrote my first commercial piece of writing about my first laundry day – traumatic!  Also lucrative; I got paid for it - the writing not the washing.

This is the trouble with being so old: something always reminds me of something else. Actually, I don’t mind. You may find it confusing but I don’t mind. I’m still here. I’m a tangential thinker. I do go off in tangents, but I usually remember my launching pad.  I'm grateful for it. It means my memory is still (mostly) intact.   I’m also a parabolic thinker, that is, I think in parables.

Did I mention metaphor? A man's reach must exceed his grasp or what's a metaphor?  Mine too.