floaters gaffes goofs

Tired as I was last night, and I went to bed early for me because of my somnolent incompetence, I woke after about six hours and it was too early to get up, and was, even three hours later, too cold to swim outside.  It’s that witching, bitching hour that brings up the past.  Why can’t I remember jolly things at that hour?  I just remember gaffes, floaters and goofs.  Does anyone remember floaters?  I’ve mentioned them before, many blogs ago, but given the relative youth and the uncertain memories  of my readers (all three or four of you), it won't hurt to explain again. 

Just on the chance, I checked Google on " floaters, Aldous Huxley," and I found my own blog at the top of the list.  I guess it’s okay to quote myself, not breaking amy copyright rules. I grant me permission.

I wrote this in 2013. You are forgiven if you don't remember.

I was thinking some more about the past that comes up to haunt you in so many ways: things you could have said but didn't think of till too late; things you didn't understand until later - forgot? But then there are major gaffes that really fester. Aldous Huxley called them floaters, I think in his novel POINT COUNTERPOINT.  A woman character remembers her floaters painfully and cannot forgive herself. I think we all have those, too, and they're the kind of thing that keeps you awake at night.  The commonest floater is the one that lies there when you have put a foot in your mouth, like asking after a person's mother and she just died a few weeks before and you should have remembered.  Or saying how much you hate rhyming verse, especially in narrative form, and your friend has just published a whole book of it as a novel. You will be able to add many examples, I'm sure, if not now, then tonight when some tactless bumble of yours floats up to torment you. They are  not innocent errors, they are things you should have known better than to say or do.  What were you thinking of?  Well, actually, you weren't thinking at all. Take comfort, if you're a writer.  Out of  your own painful experience you can create a scene in which your protagonist can be mightily embarrassed. Audiences will love it. Does that help? 

Hey, I just looked up gaffe in the dictionary and there are some lovely synonyms you can writhe with: blunder, mistake, error, slip, faux pas,indiscretion, impropriety, miscalculation, gaucherie, solecism; informal slip-up, howler, boo-boo, fluff, flub, blooper, goof.