time is flying even when I'm not

I wrote this before I wrote the following blog but I lost it and just found it now.  This is actually an introduction to the chorus line-up below . 

Do with it what you will.

So many days have flown by and so have my thoughts.  I am doing and thinking too many disparate things and having trouble picking one to focus on long enough to write a blog. Also I get tired. Also the weather is divine and I am so happy to sit on my balcony with my freshly renovated furniture. Also my wifi resists powering through a brick wall to the balcony on the other side. So I remain uncommunicative though not thoughtless.


Stratford again:

I left you with All my Sons. Now I have added A Chorus Line to my attendance record this year.  Traditionalist that I am, Renaissance woman that I am, Shakespeare aficionado that I am, I have long (mildly) resisted and (slightly) resented the introduction of musicals to the Stratford program each year, while acknowledging the necessity. Gilbert and Sullivan had been a given before I became a regular. I think it was John Neville,  when he was a.d., who launched a tradition with two musicals with impeccable credentials: Kiss Me, Kate and The Boys from Syracuse. The box office returns justified the descent, if descent it was, to middle-to-lowbrow theatre.  

My Mac will sleep soon if I don’t plug it in.  Anon.

I may finish this today. Or not.  

Obviously I didn't. 

At least you know I’m still here.