where am I?

I am trying to save and publish some of my deathless prose but I can't seem to get a fix on it. I'll just keep bloging along (to the tune of Donkey Serenade?).  

happy May first (yesterday)

 Long time, no blog. 

 It has been a busy, odd week, beginning our disappointment in not going ashore at Easter Island.  None of the passengers I talked to had been warned by their travel agents or by Oceania that three out of four times, the ship did not actually moor, forced by unfavorable weather conditions (winds and waves) to sail on by.

 June and I were fortunate in that we were on the starboard side as the ship circumnavigated the island seeking a safer mooring. Nada. But we could see the shore and in one place a row of tiny dots like pebbles that were five of the moai statues that we had planned to see. I took a picture of them. A friend with a telephoto lens was able to get a closer glimpse.  In his pictures the pebbles look like chess pieces.

I told you about Pitcairn: the small population came to us. Then two more days at sea to Easter Island with no landing, then four more Sea Days to Lima.  We were eleven days on the ship without going ashore.  Talk about sea legs!

The floor is still moving when I walk and I really feel the motion of the ship when I shower. In four days I will be boarding a train, taking VIA Rail from Vancouver to Toronto. I wonder what I’ll be walking like when I get home. I didn’t start out too well because of my wounded leg.

 It’s better, by the way, but I didn’t swim on the ship.  I still have one scab I have resisted the temptation to pick at. I don’t want to risk further infection so I’ll wait till it’s clear. My new bathing suit was the only article of clothing I didn’t wear. Did I mention that I have managed this entire month of disparate travel (plane, ship, bus, ferry, train) on a carry-on bag and a backpack designed go carry my small laptop and my iPadMini?  I’ve discussed Li’l Orphan Annie before.  For those of you too young to remember, the once-famous comic strip character who inspired a hit Broadway musical, wore one red dress with a white collar throughout her entire career. I wore black and white.