Just a quickie before I spend the day preparing a tax report for my accountant to make sense of my past year.  I am innumerate. It doesn't make me happy.  Anyway....It isn’t even a thought for the day, it’s a mere and minor irritant. 

Why do they keep making larger rolls of toilet paper? They’re bulky and difficult to carry, even if you have a car, which I no longer do, so I must rely on grocery delivery.  But some older bathrooms, like mine, have built-in porcelain niches to hold the toilet paper roll and they were designed to hold a standard size roll, whatever standard is.  Double size was hard enough: you had to slip the paper along carefully so as not to tear off a length too soon.  But last night I saw a TV commercial proclaiming the convenience of a new triple-sized roll, saving you three times the effort of replacing it.  Really?  Where am I going to put it?

New and improved!  I wish they would stop doing that. Look what happened to Coca Cola.