Lima et al

 I wrote a blog yesterday as we approached Lima, trying to get caught up. Our Wi-Fi is capricious, to say the least, and I lost Lima before I could post it. This morning we will be docking in Lima a day early because a medical emergency on board ship has forced us to reach land faster than originally planned.  Why not send a chopper, you ask?  Because – have you looked at the map? It’s a vast ocean. Where would a helicopter come from?  Possibly out of fuel range. Better to speed up and reach land a.s.a.p.

 Oceania has set up an extra excursion for today and it sounded interesting but it’s five hours long, which is about two hours longer than we would like. We might try for a shopping mall and there’s a regular shuttle to take us there and back, but it may not have what we want. I was counting on Easter Island for significant tchotchkes to take as prezzies.  Nada, of course.  So I’ll see what Lima has to offer, if anything. As it is, right now, I have 4 or 5 magnets from Pitcairn Island.

 I am surfeited. Another quiet day “at sea” even though we are moored, will suit me very well. After the last long trip, people asked me would I go again and I said “in a heartbeat”.  Now, I am several heartbeats away from a repeat cruise.  Not yet, anyway.

Anon, anon