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A lottery promising to give you $1000 a week for life has been bothering me for months.  It shows a sybaritic couple enjoying high-end activities every week: scuba diving, yachting, resort sun-bathing (eating, drinking), skiing, etc. I trust they won’t need to take lessons.  It’s so unrealistic it makes me worry.

I mean, $1000 a week is $52,000 a year, before taxes.  Then what?  What about their day jobs?  Will they quit working so they can party every week? Where will they live in between the high-end hotels and the luxury yachts and resorts?  How will they pay for the mortgage and upkeep and their living needs? What will they eat?  What about clothes? It seems to me that they are going to need another income if they’re going to spend all their money on thrilling vacations.  Will they have enough time to work?

“What are we going to do next week?” the happy hedonist asks, and his wife simpers in an erotic way.  That’s the lowest cost thing they’ll do.

It’s obvious I don’t believe in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

I’m trying to take my mind off my troubles. I don’t intend to be nasty, just being practical. 

Just asking.