doggone blog gone

This has been a strange week.  When isn’t it?  Strange.  Yes, I was having trouble recovering from my oxymoronic Easter mortality, reliving the past life and death of a suddenly absent friend whom I had intended to visit as part of my milestone-year pilgrimage.  Of course, it was more than that.  It always is.  I’m on a countdown. (Everyone is.)


I leave for Pape’ete and parts east in 11 days.  I’m trying to clear my food, cooking a lot, cooking for guests every night for over a week, this week, including another dear friend from Newfoundland who came early on business to spend a night and a day with me, bless her. 


I have gift coupons to use and a wish list, and now a backlog of reading to catch up on, after an intensive research and writing time spent on my embryonic screenplay.  Not quite embryonic, past the foetus stage, it’s out in the air now but in an incubator; it still needs time and attention.

Note: I looked up foetus to check my spelling and learned something:

usage: The spelling foetus has no etymological basis but is recorded from the 16th century and until recently was the standard British spelling in both technical and nontechnical use. In technical usage, fetus is now the standard spelling throughout the English-speaking world.

 Lo, how the world changes!  Every day.  Where was I?  On a countdown…


Not only for books but also for things I need for my trip.  I went to Rexall on 20%-off-for-Seniors-Day to stock my little First Aid kit(Polysporin, Immodium) and toiletries bag (toothpaste, Nivea cream), and travel needs (Wet Ones, antiseptic spritz).  You will notice no sleeping pills.  I might need another shirt, maybe a new wheelie, one more bottle of wine, and a few tchotchkes (gifts). 

See, I am walking again, a little.  My Community Care nurse (every other day) is on the brink of discharging me and I don’t have to have my leg up all day.  I have a new Fitbit, a birthday present I have been anxious to test, that is to test my body with, and I am up to 7000 steps a day now, as opposed to about 300 during my invalid time.


Not only for the cruise clothes but also for a week in Vancouver and four days on the train back to Toronto.  Can I do it all with one bag? Including my writing needs: laptop, iPad mini, journal, pens, and notebooks? 

Stop it!  This is not what I intended to write.  I still have to write Jo’s obit.  I will, soon.