memory highway

Here I am. My return trip was delayed by several hours because my flight was cancelled and I had to fly home later than I planned.  That was okay as it gave us more time to talk.

I was visiting a dear friend from my Stratford days. I still think of her as a new friend though I have known her now for 48 years! Wow.  We actually overlapped in one place (we lived in duplicate houses 3 or was it 4 lots apart) for only five years but she came back to visit and her husband was one of my husband’s pallbearers. (Does that make us related?)   And I stick like Velcro.

 But those five years were packed and fraught, and we lived through a lot.  I mean, I lived through a lot and she was a wonderful. loyal, supportive friend – also fun to be with.  She still is.  She was my first present to myself in this milestone year of mine and what a wonderful present!  Not without its trauma: nostalgia is always accompanied by pain, I guess. But we managed to tell each other things and to recall events and people that affected us profoundly.  How incredibly precious it is to be open with another person.  Lacking a husband I don’t often have that luxury or comfort.  Of course, there were side effects, like more and deeper memories that kept me awake at night, but they were cleansing.  I wish you that experience.

I’m home now and on a countdown for my next big trip.  I’m walking pretty well. I have to keep my leg up when I can, but I also have to shop and cook for a few people before I leave, and plan and pack and tweak the screenplay for a second draft and

…. do my income tax.  :-( 

The tramlines are getting loaded.