Happy Saint Patrick's Day

and that's all I have to say about that.

I said finishing a draft is like finishing Exams. The day afrer, too: Now all I can think of is the mistakes I made, and I shoulda said this, and I forgot to put in that, and so on. My partner is coming to talk and I'll give her the draft and then we'll see what happens next.

anon anon

today, I think, but later.

Yes, here I am, later.  Well, of course there is work to be done, corrections, finer points to hone, one major error involving cutting a scene and inserting a new one elsewhere...I can handle that. The good news is that my  partner really liked the script, liked the wit and my attempt at levity in the face of disaster. 

I did so much backfilling and research, often a huge amount in order to get one line right, but it worked.

My brain is numb. I'm going to bed.