one step at a time

I always used to say it takes longer not to write a play than to write one.  The same goes for a screenplay.  I’m nearing the end, now, that is, the end of the first draft. I have two scenes and a conclusion to go. Today I wrote two emotional scenes, sort of emotional because I have to hold back and let the sub-text do the talking.  Anyway, after that I spent the rest of the day thinking and taking notes on my thinking.  I thought I might write some more tonight but I didn’t. 

I hope to finish it tomorrow, do a print-out and tweak it on ‘Wednesday and give a copy of the draft to my partner, who wrote the book I’m basing the screenplay on.

There.  Having reported that, now I must do it. I have always tried to follow through, to do what I say I’m going to do – though sometimes it takes quite a while. As soon as I “finish” this, I can get busy preparing for my April/May travels. I hope I can walk by the end of the week..  I have a few errands I must run (walk).

Walk before  you run.