save my place

Safari is on record now as being untrustworthy, and says it won't change until its next update. So wait here, while I write my blog elsewhere. I'll be back.

Here I am..


This morning I am going to limp over to Ryerson (University) to give a playwriting lab on Character for the Seniors Playwriting Program. My chief concern has been what to wear. I can’t get jeans or tights over the large dressing on my leg, so I’ll wear a long denim skirt and take an extra shawl over layered tops.  I asked for a chair so I don’t have to stand for two hours and I’ll use my shawl as a cushion under my leg so I can put it up (on another chair?), if need be.  Then I’ll tap-dance. Not literally, of course, but what a nice expression to use when I am at the moment incapable of tap-dancing.  My mind is still agile.

And full of blogs.

I still want to discuss Ursula LeGuin and the child in the basement. Schedule that for later this week. 

I  want to tell you about some of the people I met last week on the theatre tour, and about the Stratford Festival, and maybe even a little about my late husband.

Oh, and Robert Frost and soup – not a huge discussion – just my paraphrase of his line “Good fences make good neighbours” with a totally different approach to neighbourliness.  My line is “Good soup makes good neighbours.” I’ve been thinking of it this week as various neighbours bring me soup.  That’s my favourite take-to for people who need TLC. 

It’s 7 a.m. and I have to change the dressing on my leg.  I also must change my face and attitude so as not to daunt my students.  I need a little joie-de-vivre here.  Know any good jokes?