more words to come

You know sometimes you find something you stopped looking for when you are looking for something else?  Today I found three file folders of blog ideas when I was looking for my second scribbler of notes for the screenplay. (I am still very fond of paper.)

 I found everything I needed but I paused to read some of the blog stuff.  I read clippings and tear sheets and comments to myself and it was a lot of material so I bogged down, not in dismay but in a plethora of ideas too daunting – the plethora, not the ideas – because it’s going to take me a long long time to deal with them all.  I guess I won’t stop writing blogs for a while.  This is related to that unfunny joke about old people not buying green bananas because they might not live long enough for the bananas to ripen. I hope I outlive my blog thoughts.

Interestingly, because I had obviously started one file folder several years ago, I found pieces by writers who were just beginning blogs and who were wondering what to write about.  They probably had file folders, too. 

I’m not going to discuss anything now. My beloved computer guru made a house call yesterday, bless her soul, and among other things, installed my screenwriting program on my laptop so that I can write with my injured leg up and extended on a foot rest.  So I wrote another scene today. Maybe another one tomorrow.  For sure another one tomorrow.  Maybe two.