happy Rabbie Burns day

I wonder if I can find some single malt Scotch....

We’re going to Guys and Dolls tonight.. It’s one of my favorite musicals ever. It will be interesting to see/hear what Brits do with Damon Runyon’s words and the NY accent – although they did fine yesterday with New York Jewish accents.  I’m not pushing too much between our laid on program; I have a healthy respect for my age and stamina. I have a book on my mini-reader, I have newspapers, I have British crosswords, and here are a couple of people in he Group that I know, though, as a single, I do not try to intrude on a couple’s togetherness.

The weather has been incredibly good, actually up to 16 C. yesterday, going to 13 today, and dry.  The world is tilting.

I’m writing before the performance tonight because I do intend to find a single malt Scotch somewhere after the show, and someone to drink it with? I’ll let you know.