blog today and blog tomorrow but no blog yesterday

I was moving my body through time and space yesterday and my mind just had to catch up as best it could. The train from Brighton to London took an hour longer than its regular schedule because of work on the tracks (weekend). Since I gave up my car I have used and enjoyed buses and trains a lot. This English train was just fine and two delightful women who helped me when I needed it.  Midlife mothers, one with 3 children, the other with 2, friends since girlhood, were enjoying a get-away in the city.  I didn’t inquire, or talk, too much on the train because that time belonged to them.  I missed Arundel Castle on the way by because the visibility was very short-range.  I dozed and read and did not eavesdrop.

Well, you know the routine: check-in, unpack (I’m here for 7 days), something to eat (delicious soup), a rest, a bath, meeting the Group, champagne and a briefing (not very brief), and dinner, also delicious but very rich, plus good conversation with interesting people.  So I was wiped and went to bed before 9 p.m.  And that’s why my blog is blah today.  I have more to tell my diary because I can fill it with noodges.  Blogs are not for nagging.

Today is just barely today; I may be back before it’s over.