halfway between then and now

I wouldn’t say I’m nervous, exactly, but there’s a lot of adrenalin pumping around that I’m not quite sure what to do with. I have been so efficient (question is, what have I forgotten?) that I think I’m ready to leave, but it’s not time to leave, so I could write my blog now, that is, if I had anything to say. By tonight (on the plane) or tomorrow (on a bus) or at my cousin’s place, in Brighton, I’ll have more to say but I’ll be too tired or distracted to think clearly.  I can hear someone say, when did you ever think clearly?  It’s true, I am a parabolic thinker; that means either that my thinking proceeds in  a circle like a parabola above my brain, OR that I think in parables, like Aesop or Jesus.    

Right now I’m just tap-dancing.

Perhaps I’ll check in later today.

Anon, anon.  I think I just added my new haircut, but then again, maybe not.