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I’ve been going over possible markets, aka targets, to aim my work at.  It’s discouraging, not to say daunting, because the descriptions and eligibility criteria eliminate so many of them for me even to consider approaching.

For starters, a description might read “for Alberta residents only”.  Of course, that lets me out because I don’t live in Alberta.  Or this one:  “for LGBT”.  IMHO, I don’t qualify, I mean, I’m broadminded but I don’t have anything useful, significant or touching to say.  The one that kills me, though, is “for emerging writers”.

One thing I’m not is “emerging”.  That hurts. I begin to feel as if I’m submerging.  More like surviving.  But what good does it do?  Almost every contact I had is either retired or dead.  I’m still here, but no one else is, or if they are, they won’t admit it. 

I still have a lot to say.  There must be someone out there who would like to listen.

I’ll think about that tomorrow.