menu planning

Planning your food  when you're going away takes some thinking.  Well, planning your food always takes some thinking, but more so when you don't want to run out of fresh stuff but you don't want to leave things to rot, failing a neighbour. And you don't want to buy too much becasue  you need your cash for the trip. Add to that I've been sick and not using  up food.

Brief pause while I curse Safari that just knocked off my continuing mediation on food. It keeps doing that.  I have come to the conclusion that this continuing irritation may be caused by the new provider my building is installing.  My old nemesis, Rogers, is coming this morning to re-install a new modem and rocket (?) and I will talk to you soon, I hope.

Think Leftovers.

Thursday:  grilled breast of chicken/leftover cooked sweet potatoes/steamed broccoli

Friday: flame-seared  haddock (frozen)//sugar snap beans/grape tomatoes

Saturday: frozen pizzas with Matt, after a movie: add green and red peppers cut up and extra grated P cheese.

Sunday: grilled scallops with bacon, sugar snap beans (I bought a lot), and rice? pasta?

Monday: not sure; maybe eggs? (2 or 3 left) 

Tuesday: dinner out with friends

Wednesday: a snack before I leave for the airport at 7 a.m. Won't feel like eating.

I have, of course: 1 apple, fresh strawberries,blackberries and blueberries,and some Greek  yogurt, vanilla flavoured, and a little wedge of Brie cheese.  

I have to buy some oranges (one-a-day)

Well, I'm not gone  yet. 

Anon, anon.