Happy January First

It snuck up on me, as usual. Here I am, old and gray and nodding by the fire, early and early. I have, as it turns out, a number of NY resolutions I must make and fulfill, and I plan to plan. So what did I do first, at 4:15 this morning? (It's now 6 o'clock) For two hours I have been reading the NYT far too much, far too long. I always think there's one more thing I have to learn, some elusive insight I need to make sense of my own work and life.  And so I read on and on. I guess I'll have to make a resolution not to spend so much time with it.  Another addiction to cope with.

So here I am, still and always neglecting my work and my life.  And I must finish Christmas, all the unwritten letters and now - acknowledgements  - for gifts and thought received. But did you ever stop and ponder, as I sometimes do, when I think of someone I must write (contact), or invite for a meal, or meet for coffee for a reunion, a renewal, a sharing of ideas, yes, do you ever wonder why they don't think of you?  Maybe they don't miss you as much as you miss them. Maybe they don't care. Or maybe they are just busy, as you are, and you are not their top priority. It's all very humbling. Reality, as they say, (not the same ones) sucks.

On that happy note, I wish you a happy new year and as many more as you can handle.