happy September third

I know, I missed September the first.  I thought it, all day, and all day yesterday, too, but I never reached my blog with it.  I've always said that September and especially September the first is more like the New Year to me than the New Year is.  This is when everything begins again. No matter the weather - and it's hot here now, not like January (in the Northern hemisphere) - people are through with summer.  Life as we know it is beginning again. Classes and courses and new programs are beginning again.  Plans and routines and itineraries are beginning again. Out with the old, in with the new. Yes, yes, all of that.  So I spent the weekend throwing out clothes, well, not throwing out, but putting them into donation boxes for use by other people. I now have a pile of empty hangers and one whole (new!) empty garment bag.  That feels pretty good. I was motivated by the fact that I hadn't worn most of the clothes in over two years but also by the recognition of how little I needed while I was on my cruise: 109 days of looking like Li'l Orphan Annie changed my attitude toward what I wore.  (Is anyone reading this old enough to remember that the comic strip character wore one red dress for years and years and years?)

That doesn't explain or excuse why I didn't report here on the first of September. I think I had a Writer's Block.  (Writer's Blog?)  It happens.  Too much to say, but too vague to say it. The end of so many things, summer things and  memories paralyzed me.  I was still basking in the luxuries of the cruise and not coming to terms with the realities of my life.  I am normally quite a frugal person and it was hard letting go of profligate, wasteful indulgences.  I must be disciplined again and careful.  I am a glass-half-full kind of person but I must get used to the half-empty glass in terms of my budget.  I need to count my blessings more carefully.  

Does that explain my reluctance to acknowledge my "new year"?  Do I understand?  I am alone, I know that. But sometimes I forget to blow the  whistle. No one else is going to.  And sometimes I forget to listen. I'll try to now.

So happy September the third.