where was I?

My daughter and son-in-law are so nice. They welcomed me and plied me with wine and asked all sorts of questions about my trip, most of which I couldn't answer. Number of locks in the Panama Canal?  I knew there were three but I can't remember how long each one took. I wrote the schedule into my blog that day, but I can't remember.  Was the passageway between them a lake? I don't think so. And so on.   Did I learn anything?  I guess not.

"I am a part of all that I have met,"  but what if I don't remember the meeting? I've talked about memory before.  You can recall anything, IF it registered in the first place. Of course, different people remember different things. Eye witnesses are unreliable for this reason.  The reports of the same event are usually totally different according to the memory of the reporter. That's my excuse, anyway.  But it was nice of my family to ask. 

We're going to their lake place for the weekend and they don't have Wifi there so I won't write a blog. Well, maybe.  I guess I could write on Word and then transfer it when I'm in range again. I could. Not sure if I will. 

I'll try to remember what happens.