inside out

Yesterday evaporated.  As you may remember, I left Toronto in March, still winter.  So my son Matthew segued into spring and summer without supervision.  He got along very well, didn't miss me at all, apparently -  "Good!" I said, "You'll get along fine without me when I die."  But what about his clothes?  His winter scarves and gloves and hats and mitts were piled up just as he had abandoned them. I sorted them out and assembled a pile for him to wash (have to get him some Woolite), and threw out some worn-out thing plus pants and stuff.  We ate a bread-less lunch. (I'm helping him plan a menu for lunch at work, without sandwiches, to help him decrease his wheat-belly.)  Then we went to a movie I wanted to see.

So did everybody else. It was the Civic, or Simcoe (in Ontario) holiday Monday and people were intent on entertainment.  The theatre was full, including lots of kids, including some very young ones.  Are you aware of INSIDE OUT?  I've been reading about it.  The five "characters" guiding the actions and reactions of the heroine are her inner emotions: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Despair and Anger. It's psychologically valid and the concepts are adult and sophisticated: there's a Train of Thought they must catch and they keep passing Déja Vu. Little kids don't dig that, but at one pint I paused to listen and they were all rapt, not restless or bored at all, just totally absorbed in the suspense of the story, and the humour.  My challenged son got it and laughed  a lot.  Wow. You can look it up. I recommend that you see it.

Today is going to evaporate, too.  We have to get ready to fly to Boston tomorrow, to visit my daughter and son-in-law (Matt's favourite brother)  soI have a lot to do to get ready.  Anon, anon.