double thinking

I'm still at Lake Rosseau and it's still raining.  Next week it's going to be 28 degrees Celsius and sunny, much good that does me now.  So I've been cooking.  My hostess asked me to help her with leftovers.They just had a party for 70 of their closest friends and party leftovers always present a challenge. I rise to challenges.  My first cookbook was about leftovers and I do make house calls for dear friends.  Sometimes I fall a little short, like bread.  Not flat, but short. This morning I met a complication. 

Working on my laptop, I was making out my grocery order for delivery on the day  I return and I was doing double digit thinking, not digits but food items.  I'm conducting a mental inventory of my fridge and pantry and bumping into my more recent knowledge of my hostess's contents -well, not  her bodily contents, you understand, but the contents of her larder.   So I have to stop and double-check before I enter the order. 

People who juggle two or more homes do that all the time, I'm sure, except they probably have a housekeeper or someone to do it for them.  I remember buying a two-sided notepad designed for home and other places, a grocery list for two, as it were.  Even if you just rent a place for a couple of weeks, it can be confusing.  You find yourself thinking, "I know I have peanut butter, I just bought some" but it was for the other place.  Or else you find you have two of something you never meant to have two of. So this  morning; I had to double-think. To buy or not to buy.

Today I will be coping with a plethora of pineapple and several chicken breasts, cooked and uncooked.  Plus beets and pecans and some very tired celery, and an overage of asparagus.  It's a good thing it's still raining or I'd feel overworked.  As it is I feel as if I'm auditioning for "Chopped".

I wish it would stop raining.