where was I?

Oh, yes -- Icelandic literature.  I fear that blog is jinxed. I kept losing it and time and now, focus. I'll get to it soon. I still have my notes and I promised a tidy wrap for The Icelandic Conncection, the Canadian Icelandic magazine my cousin Lorna edits.  Soon.

Yesterday was a busy, puttering day.  The highlight was  a house call made by my friend and guru, the Apple lady, who guides me through my techie problems and saves me from myself. I learn a little more each time she so generously comes to my aid, and we always have a nice visit. I'm backed up and safe and inspired.  If only I could say the same about my life.  Don't you find it daunting to look at something you've been meaning to do for ages - ca it be three years now? - and you still haven't done it?  I fid it comforting to know that I'm not the only one.  The darling woman who hosted my talk the other day has generously offered a room in her house as the new home for the ICCT (Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto) library. That's why I donated  some of my books.  All the books have only recently been moved into her lovely, glass-doored shelves and cozy space.  She said they were not yet sorted out and shelved by category and alphabetical sequence.  She'll "get around to it" soon.  Do you remember when you could buy a TUIT?  A round one, that is. Everyone had to get a round Tuit.  I still need to. Yes, well, if it makes me feel (a little) better,  that's a good thing.  

 It's early morning and I delay the 6 a.m. swim time slightly because it's so dark outside now. I wait until quarter after, even six-thirty sometimes,  No fear of being cold.  I usually plan my day and menus while I swim and play anagrams with the warning signs posted around the pool.  My favourite one is PARADE, from DEEP AREA.   Other random thoughts: did you know you can buy a tongue brush?  I've seen ads for it on TV.  I mentioned it to my dentist's assistant the other day while we were waiting for my mouth to freeze. I was going to scoff at it but she picked up on it right away. Oh yes, she uses one every night, and she gave me a pitch about how to use it, just one or two minutes, not five, and be careful not to go too far back on your tongue or you'll gag. 

And I thought I might buy a Fit-Bit, a bracelet monitor that tracks not only the number of steps you take each day (I know about pedometers) but also other, to my mind, more imitate activity, like your sleeping habits and stair-climbing. Does descending or ascending gracefully after a nice young man or woman who carries my shopping cart  down or up the subway stairs count?  Anyway, the Fit-Bit is too expensive for me.  I just try to follow the advice I found on a birthday card I gave to my mother years ago:

"Keep moving or they'll throw a tablecloth over you."