o that this too too solid flesh would melt

You've heard that line before. I bought a new, digital scale because my old scales were very old but I miss them already because I weigh more on my new, super accurate scale than I did on my comfortable old thing. So now I have to be more stringent and cranky until I catch up - or down - with my former weight.  Nothing is ever simple, is it? 

I joined Weight Watchers online again because they do all the arithmetic for me. I don't cheat but it's going to be hard to admit on my next weigh-in that I've gained weight, especially as it was not me that gained weight but my scales.  Do you think they'll understand?

Here's a good WW breakfast:  French Toast. Put a slice of whole-grain (or even WW bread) on a glass pie plate and drip 3 tablespoons of egg whites on it, turning once to soak it.  Cut up strawberries while the egg-white bread cooks in the microwave for a minute or so. Strew the strawberries over the toast. I pour one tablespoon of maple syrup over this - well, maybe two. Num.