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I think my character has utterly eroded. I keep goofing off and stopping to rest and do other things and it doesn't seem to bother me, though It should.  And I need to make some money. (Don't we all?)  It was my father, you see, who wanted to know what I had ACHIEVED each day and I had to have a good answer. Now, I still do a spot check but I am satisfied with less accomplishment and more pleasure.

Today was a good day, though I didn't do half of what I intended to do.  That's okay. The sun is shining, the air is soft, there is a light breeze, and I have my umbrella up (at last!)  on my balcony. That's an achievement.  And a dear friend is coming for dinner and we will have martinis. She is one of the few people with whom I drink martinis. It's not the Insignia (my cruise ship), of course, but it will do, it will do.

Tomorrow I will get serious.