BB or RFH?

BB is my Beloved Balcony and I am still so glad to be home and sitting on it right now, although I would leave again on the cruise in a heartbeat.  I'm looking at trees, not sea, and the air, while not salty, is gentle with barely a whiff of carbon monoxide wafting over the Rosedale Valley Road from the Bloor Street traffic (think waves). Remember that line, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning"?  It's from APOCALYPSE NOW, which I never saw, but the line survives the movie.  "It smells like victory," concludes Kilgore (played by Robert Duval).  Well, BB smells like home to me.  

And the days are flitting past.  I missed yesterday, just puttering: laundry, catching up on reading material that came into the house while I was away.  I have to give a talk in August to  the ICCT (Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto) about Icelandic books and literature and, of course, literacy, and the Icelandic-Canadian newspaper, Lögberg-Heimskringla, to which I subscribe, has had some interesting articles about various Icelandic publications, old and new.  I'll do my homework on the balcony, BB, that is.

As for RFH, that's short for Roommate from Hell, and the less said, the better.  As Thumper's mother said (in BAMBI), "If you can't say nothin nice, don't say nothin at all."  So I won't go there. I'll write about other fellow passengers soon.

That's all for today.